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Kate Allan writing in partnership with Michelle Styles.

1812. Spain. Jem Riseley, brave, skilled and daring, the perfect soldier in Wellington’s Army except she is a gently-born lady. A battlefield promotion provides an escape from a sadistic Major, but first Jem must convince jaded Captain Tony Dorrell, who knew her as a lady, that she's the man she seems. From the dangers of war-torn Spain to scandal in London’s elegant drawing rooms, Jem will fight to preserve her secret. However, the reappearance of an old adversary forces Jem to confront her past to save her and England’s future.

Original hardcover: Robert Hale, 2005. ISBN: 0709078250

Large print: To be published by Ulverscroft, May 2006. ISBN: 1846172896

More details at www.jenniferlindsay.com

At the time of Jane Austen, in the middle of England, in Middleton village, the rector's daughter keeps a shameful secret – she's a novelist.

Sophy Grantchester needs inspiration for her next book. It arrives in the form of her rakish cousin, Lord Hart. She writes him into her story – and unwittingly, her heart. He's surprised to fall for his poor and proper cousin but she can't be a wife – no man would tolerate her novel writing, especially not one who scorns the idea that a woman could write a book worth reading! But he's determined to win her – and resorts to devious means. She could have told him that trickery is no recipe for success in love…

Original hardcover: To be published by Robert Hale, April 2006. ISBN 0709080166

Middlesex, England, at the beginning of 1810... Captain Robert Monceaux is lately back in Hounslow barracks after the retreat from Corunna and is kicking his heels. He's pleased to be of some assistance in rescuing a young lady from highway robbers on Hounslow Heath. But Lucinda Handscombe is in the middle of being abducted by a man who insists he's her guardian, and she's a wealthy heiress, although she does not know it.

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Large print: To be published by Ulverscroft. Date tbc.

Ebook: To be published by Belgrave House. Date tbc.

Previously issued as a paperback serial: DC Thomson as part of My Weekly Library. January 2006.

York, England, in the Spring of 1812... Isabella Oakley is travelling to London to do the Season and find a husband. The best laid plans go awry when she begins to fall in love with Mr Davenport, the gentleman charged with getting her there. It seems they are being followed... And Mr Davenport rushes off into the night after a gentleman brandishing a pistol. Something untoward is going on, but he won't tell her what.

Paperback serial:To be published by DC Thomson as part of My Weekly Library. Date tbc.